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Effective communications requires both strategy and tactics. The strategy provides the road map by researching and identifying the key audiences that need to be reached, the messages that will be most effective with each stakeholder group and the tactics that will best reach target audiences. Tactics are the tools that will be used to do the actual communicating.
  • A strong strategy can be derailed by poor execution of tactics.
  • Likewise, excellent execution of tactics will not be effective unless the tactics are based on a strong strategy.
  • As the old expression goes, you need to "plan your work and work your plan."


Lyday Communications can help you develop and execute a research-based strategic communications plan that maximizes the effectiveness of existing communications tactics and identifies new opportunities for communications.
a goal without a plan is just a wish - m
Communications Audits &
PR Planning

Good communications starts with good planning. Lyday Communications can conduct a communications audit that identifies which current communications tactics are working well, which need to be enhanced and which might need to be retired to make way for new communications tactics. Focus groups and surveys of key stakeholder groups provide valuable guidance regarding which tactics are most effective with different target audiences. We can also prepare a PR plan to guide staff members as they implement the audit recommendations and provide arms and legs support for implementation, as needed.

Coronavirus, covid-19 newspaper headline
Crisis Communications & Media Relations


Despite good planning, a crisis can occur anytime with little to no warning. COVID-19 affected virtually every business and organization overnight. While that is an extreme example, less serious crises occur regularly and are often just as unexpected as was the Coronavirus pandemic. Lyday Communications can step in to assist when you need it most. We have experience dealing with national, regional and local news media and can help you tell your story openly, accurately and factually. We can also help improve your day-to-day media relations via outreach to reporters, editors and TV assignment editors on your behalf.

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Social Media & Other Electronic Communication


Communications has changed a lot over the years. Social media, eCommunication, video messaging and the 24/7/365 news cycle have created both challenges and opportunities. While news releases and outreach to reporters are still valuable tools, the communication changes have enabled companies and organizations to take a message directly to consumers, clients and other stakeholders. Just having a presence on social media or sending eNewsletters does not guarantee communications success unless such communications are strategic and well-planned. Lyday Communications can help you get the most out of social media and eCommunication efforts.

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