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Communication is not intuitive for everyone. How much do your managers really know about internal and external communications?
  • Have they been trained how to interact with community leaders or activists?
  • Do they understand what cascading communications can do to motivate employees and make them feel like contributors to the success of your organization or company?
  • If the news media came calling, would they know how to react?
  • If they were interviewed for a news story, would they represent their employer well or poorly?


Lyday Communications can tailor an employee training program to your unique needs.
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Communications Training


All managers should understand the basics of communication. They need to know how important communication can be in helping employees to understand how their jobs are helping the organization or company to achieve its goals and objectives.

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Media Relations training


Mid-level managers should have working knowledge about the news media because a journalist could show up at the door anytime. Do your managers know proper procedures for handling media inquiries? Equally important, do they know how to recognize positive stories in the workplace and how to work with corporate communications to help share the good news of what's happening in the field?

Press interview. News conference. Microp
Interview Preparation


Senior managers and executives are in the spotlight in good news and bad news situations. Without training, media interviews can be intimidating. Lyday Communications can assist in developing talking points for various scenarios and can conduct mock interviews so executives can practice responding to the kind of tough questions reporters are likely ask.

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